Kevin Phan – Jennifer Trần - Christine Cao – Interview

Saigon Television – 04.23.2009

1. This question goes to all three of you: tell us about yourselves, your backgrounds, and I guess artistic backgrounds and school-related. Let's start with Kevin (and then Jennifer, Christine).

2. Kevin: I discovered and enjoyed your MySpace and Youtube blogs very much. In those, so many recognized and valuable activities that you have been in: singing, acting, commercial shootings, and filming in Hollywood…What captivated you to go into all of these at such a young age?

3. Kevin: Tell us more about the filming experiences in The EYE, The Resistance, Are You Brighter Than A 10 Years Old? What did you learn from these professional and mainstreamed artists?

4. Jennifer and Christine: You both look very familiar, were you parts of any Hollywood and/or Vietnamese productions? Is being in entertainment industry your direction in life?

5. Kevin – Jennifer – Christine: Tell us about your parents and families! How important are they in guiding, educating, and influencing you all to go into entertainment industry at the same time, coping with school works?

6. Let's talk about Thế Hệ Trẻ Productions. Tell us more about your involvements in these videos. Did you actually enjoy being the children's icon in the Vietnamese community all over the world? What do you love the most these?

7. Now, let's just focus on singing. Any of you are going through professional training/schooling? Share with us, please!

8. Which non-Vietnamese and Vietnamese artists do you listen to and why?

9. Which was the VERY FIRST Vietnamese song that you all learned to sing in your rooted language? And who taught?

10. For the upcoming event with The Friends Group, you all know the theme of the show will be about our MOTHERS. Share with the audience about your MOTHERS!

Well, too much to cover in a little time. Kevin, Jennifer and Christine – we all admire you, your talents, and beautiful efforts in contributing to the Vietnamese music industry. All the best and good luck on the event this May 10, 2009.

- Đại Dương -