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{Lời từ Amanda Trương, con gái dì Kim Loan, hiện đang sống tại Edmonton, Canada: Dear anh Bí, a few days ago I had a school assignment for English. I had to write an essay about a gift that is important to me and has changed my life. I didn't know what to write. I thought that I never received an object that is that important to me. I thought about it. And after awhile, I finally knew what to write about. I got 100% on this essay and I'm very proud of my work. My mom suggested that I send it to you; I hope you will enjoy it as much as my teacher and I did!}

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Love, Patience, and Understanding
By: Amanda Truong, 8A

Gifts are entertaining, fun, and always bring a smile to people’s faces. Certain gifts may stay in a person’s mind forever. Whether you believe it or not, some gifts can change a person’s life.

Ever since August 3rd, 1997, my life would’ve never been the same if my brother wasn’t born that day. I was only a bit older than a year when my brother was born. So my memory about that day is really vague. But I remember growing up and wanting to play games with my brother; games such as hide-and-go-seek, tag, play house, or even chase.

I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t want to play with me. Was I boring? Or was he just not interested? I didn’t know, and like any other kid, I was sad.

I remember watching my brother play with cars, or dinosaurs. The way he played with them was really odd for a 5-year-old girl like me to watch. Instead of one dinosaur eating another dinosaur, or a car crashing into another car like how every other kid would play, Thomas lined up his cars one by one, and he would stare at them. I knew that Thomas was different from other kids out there, but I didn’t thoroughly understand his condition.

Thomas’s condition affected our family in many different ways. His condition was unexpected and uncontrollable for us. At first, my parents had no idea what was wrong with Thomas. Just like any other parents, they were worried because Thomas acted really different compared to other kids. Although they knew he was different, there was still a bit of hope inside of them. They took him to the doctors and they told my parents Thomas’s condition. All at once, their hopes and expectations for Thomas came crashing down. It was pretty clear that our family had no hope now, because for his condition, there’s no way to cure it: Thomas had autism.

After a year from when we found out that Thomas had autism, many things changed. My parents got used to the fact that we can’t change anything now. My mom stopped crying randomly, and the atmosphere in the house was starting to become less tense. Although we got used to Thomas, there’s still this pain inside my parents, and I ached with them.

There are many negative things about my brother being autistic. But I try to look on the bright side. Even though the negatives outweigh the positives in this situation, there are still some really positive things. For example, autistic children tend to be really innocent, even when they grow up. Normal children will grow up, move out, have their own families, and so on. But it’s a different story when it comes to autistic children. My brother is thirteen this year and he still jumps up and down when he’s excited, enjoys watching Barney, cries when I yell at him, and most importantly, he still kisses my mom everyday. (:

Several years have passed, and I honestly believe that my brother has a great influence on who I am today as a person. We always hear ourselves complaining about our lives, but when we think about it, there are other people out there who are struggling more than we are. I always complain about how I’m not lucky to have a normal sibling to play and talk with. I know that’s a big disadvantage for me, but I have other things. I have a lot of friends that talk and make me laugh everyday. I have a big family that supports me even when they’re far away from me.
Many people in this world don’t have any siblings. Some may not even have a family. I know a family that has two autistic children. Now I know how much that family is struggling. My family has only one autistic child and sometimes we can’t handle it.

Having Thomas as my brother really changed me. First of all, I learned how to be really patient. Being patient with my brother helps me to be more patient around other people.

Now I know more about handicapped children and I really understand what it’s like to be in public with a handicapped child. Whenever I see an autistic child on the streets, I really understand what it’s like for the family members to take care of them in public. Some autistic children are really hard to take care of when you’re out in public. My brother, for example, he never listens to me. He sometimes runs away from me; I’ve lost my brother a couple of times at the mall already. For an older sibling at my age, honestly, sometimes my brother embarrasses me in public, and I know other siblings that have an autistic brother or sister will feel the same way. But when I think about it, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, nobody can blame me for loving and taking care of my brother.

Second, I learned to love and enjoy being with handicapped children even more. I once went to a birthday party where all the kids had autism. That was a really interesting experience for me. I got to learn more about the different types of autism and the different habits that autistic children have. I would love to do volunteer work at a summer camp for autistic children one day. I will use the experience and knowledge that I have from living with my brother and make this community a more welcoming and understanding place for autistic children.

I am a lucky person to have Thomas as my brother. I have more knowledge about autistic children and I feel that I have this connection between them. People won’t consider me lucky to have an autistic brother, but I know deep down that I am a lucky person.

Thomas is the best gift I ever got in my life.

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